Weekend Mission - make a unique kit!

Since it's Friday I thought I'd begin our Quirky Kit ideas with a weekend mission, something you can do this weekend.
This week I'm starting another year long album and I made my mind up just to use supplies that I had already so last night I set to work looking for things to use. When I use my Quirky Kits I usually keep the kits together and pick out bits and pieces from them to use. What I'm left with is bags and boxes here and there with little bits of leftovers in them so it made sense to pool all these leftovers together to make a new kit! There wasn't much paper in it so I looked in my supplies and picked out two sheets of 12x12 I've kept but not used yet, (you know the ones you keep because they're your faves but never actually use) then picked up some more random stuff that I've had laying around a while leftover from projects. After all that this is what I ended up with:

It's almost like a whole new kit! I was quite amazed at how much I had to use just from supplies I've overlooked for a while. More than enough to get a year long scrapbook started.

So that's the weekend mission I'm passing on to you. If you have leftover Quirky Kits bits and pieces or leftovers from a project or supplies you've over looked time and again, don't leave them sitting around pool them together and make up your own unique kit! You might not have lots, it might be just enough to make a couple of cards or to decorate an album cover that doesn't really matter it's about getting the supplies used up! It's a great starting point to get your crafting off the ground this new year and make room for some exciting new supplies!

xx Leo

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  1. great idea and seeing i'm new to Quirky kits i can't do this myself with the kits but will bare it in mind later, but i can use up my mountains of old stash :)