Welcome to the Quirky Kits Ideas Blog

This little place in blog land is especially for Quirky Kits subscribers to pick up tips and ideas not only on using your Quirky Kits but on getting creative with your scrapbooking supplies in general. Every couple of months we'll have a guest designer to share tips and techniques too. I also encourage you to share your work, tips and ideas with other Quirky Kits subscribers here, that's one of the main reasons for choosing a blog format for our Quirky Kit ideas.

Have fun!

xx Leo


  1. Hellloooo. Looking forward to getting my first kit later this month :D

  2. This is neat I never realised there was a blog as well. Fab stuff.

  3. This is a lovely idea, I didn't realise there was a blog as well. I'm so excited about getting my first kit! :)

  4. I love your kits, they are so unique!! :) I didn't really have to think twice before subscribing!!
    Can't wait until the first kit!!
    Nat x