Mixing up leftovers

Hi Leo here again!

We're nearing new kit time so now is the opportunity to make use of some leftover bits and pieces for me. I usually gather together bits and pieces I've got left in one box so it makes it easier to see what could go together. I've ended up with a real mix up using elements from 'Hazelnut Coffee', 'Glastonbury Fields', 'The Milk Bar' and 'Snow Drifts'.

Here are some ideas to try taken from the layouts.
How about mixing up leftover thin strips of paper by layering them up together and adding some washi tape and stitches to the mix?

Here I've used some of the journalling stickers from 'The Milk Bar' Quirky Kit as layers in the background of the page. I also took note from the ink spray on the stickers and added more ink painting it on my page edges and flicking it on with my paint brush.
I've also used some more of the boarder stickers from the 'Glastonbury Fields' Quirky Kit Lite covering some of them with patterned paper scraps to give them a different look.

How do you store your bits and pieces of older kits, do you bundle them together? Have a go mixing up a few different kits to see what you can come up with.
Have fun!
x Leo

P.S check out Twitter today for another sneak peek of the upcoming kit 'For the Love of Paper'.

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