And now for something completely different

For my last layout with the kits I have thrown it all together to see what I can come up with! Because Leo stuffs the kits full of goodies I still had loads to play with after all this time. Here is the result

While I was waiting to meet my friend the other Saturday I stood on the mound on top of Tower Hill tube station and pivotted around taking photos. You can see the Tower, a portion of the London Wall and the Shard, all without moving your feet. And put in proportion by the iconic tube signs! 

I wanted to create a layout that echoed the "old and new" side by side vibe from the photos and so used the chintzy, flowery not so much my thing as you can tell from their non appearance so far on any of the other layouts, "B" sides of some of the papers. I also made two schoolboy errors.

1: When you ignore the warning voice that says "move that other layout out of the way while spraying or you will get some on that too", you will pay. (Some of the sparkles on "first look" had to be added to cover red dots. I've left a teeny red dot uncovered as a reminder)
2: Sprinkling red mist as opposed to spraying it looks a bit like a blood splatter.

Oh well. On the patterned papers, which I decided to tone down with spray, I also added some brown mist on the top. On the cardstock it (hopefully) just looks a bit arty and not so much that I need a trip to A and E, stat. The idea was that the right had misting using a tile pattern mask would look old fashioned and the left hand sprinkles, more up to date funky.

As well as adding some spray to the papers I also distressed and inked the edges, added faux stitching, tore some edges and used my new Martha Stewart doily punches. I pushed the papers around until I was generally happy and then stuck them down and went around the edges of everything with a fine line pen for definition. "From sunrise to sunset" was written on the grey and yellow paper so I cut that out and used it as a subtitle. I used up my ribbons too - the rest of the wasp twill has been turned upside down, folded and stapled. My final two flags have been stuck  together at one end to create a tag and more of the fab leaves have been used, both together and seperately.

I do wish that I had adhered the title a little more to the left but only realised this after I had outlined the words in pen and it was too late. I added a few sticky pearls but apart from inks and pens everything else has come from the kits. Here is the journalling - a little blurred I am afraid but hopefully easier to read

I have had such a blast creating all these layouts from the kit and it has set my scrapbook album reflecting my old life and my new life off to a brilliant start so thanks very much Leo.


  1. Wow, lots of great little details and finishing touches. When I find my sewing machine I'll have to try it! Tigerlady

  2. What a good idea to use contrast in your style as well as the photos. Great layout. AliTS