That's some bad hat Harry

So ends each episode of House (amongst other things) and is also the Facebook title I gave this photo of Carys in her brand new hat. Her unrestrained joy and the sizing on the label of the hat were stories that needed to be told. And my Quirky Kit came up trumps in helping me tell it.

The first thing that I put into the page kit for this layout was the black and white bakers twine as it reminded me of the ends of the hat. But it was almost the last thing to go onto the page so more of that later.

I began by splattering some drops of Mister Huey Inky Black mist on the page. I unscrew the bottle and flick the end of the mister part to create some drops, which I prefer to a full on black look. While that was drying off I die cut some of the papers using some MFT Die-namic dies. The orange paper is wider than any of the dies so I used the largest one to scale up the proportions using a ruler and pencil. In the end I decided I wanted the piece to be even bigger and so chopped it up and added some other paper in between using the paper tape across the edges. Again, all the papers have black Sharpie pen around the edge. I put each piece onto scrap paper and run the pen down the edge. Most of the pen mark stays on the scrap piece but a little goes on to the paper creating a nice sharp edge. Be warned - every now and then the pen shoots off in another direction though so be prepared to have to use more paper or cover up your mistakes. It's worth a try if you like using lots of papers but don't always want to ink the edges.

One of the Pink Paislee frames was tucked under the photo and the title/speech bubble layered over the top. I added a cluser of tags to the top left hand corner to stop the layout looking too bare.
Then it was back to the twine. I layed it out on the page and when it was how I like it, I traced the line out with glossy accents, a little at a time, pressing the twine down firmly into the glue. It was so easy and yet looks quite effective so I expect I will be doing this again very soon!
I do love the way these kits get me trying new things. I hope they inspire you too.


  1. Gorgeous layout and I love a bit of twirly twine (that stays put on the page)!

  2. Fab layout Lythan and I do love that hat lol

    Ive used twine like that too but I have traced out the line like you but then coated the twine in some pva and stuck it on that way