Make your own faux patterned vellum

When I saw the tracing paper in the Writing to reach you kit, I wondered what I could do with it. Then I had the idea of seeing if I could make something that looks like the patterned vellum that is all the rage now. There is one which is a sheer white with gold spots that I adore. Could I make something like that? Turns out the answer is "yes". But also "check what embossing powders you have as there may be something even better at the bottom of the storage box"

Anyway what you need to do this is:
tracing paper
repeating pattern stamps
Watermark type ink pad
Embossing powder - as it turns out Jewelled Gold is much brighter and better for this than the darker gold I originally tried.
A heat tool
Then just stamp and sprinkle the embossing powder over it to create a block of pattern.
I have used the two different powders just so that you can see the difference
I also didn't pay so much attention to spacing on this sample. My original piece I made sure that the rows of dots fitted together better.
Then let the magic happen with your heat tool
I always love it when the change happens.
Then you have your faux patterned vellum. It is slightly more opaque than the real thing but not so you would notice when it is used on a layout in my opinion. And it would have been even better had I discovered the Jewelled Gold powder when I first gave this a try and created my layout. But there you are!
I'll be trying out all sorts of different powders and stamps in the future as this is such a quick and easy thing to do

Here is the layout I made. The piece in the top left corner is another faux vellum using a word based background stamp

As well as the faux vellum I decided to add a few more gold accents. I sprayed the bird ribbon with gold glimmer mist and went a bit mad with glitter glue - using my finger to spread it around or drawing with it direct from the bottle

Aqua Stickles were used to change the colour of two of the Thickers
A close up of all the layers

The addition of a little sparkle just changes how the same papers from a kit can look

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  1. another really clever idea with the tracing paper - thanks for the inspiration :)