Mixing Up Kits - Scrappy Scrapping!

We're still waiting on the last couple of papers to arrive to finish off the next kits so to prepare for the new kits arriving I thought of looking at ways we can use up kit leftovers. When I've finished using kits I end up mixing the bits and pieces I've got left over together and use them in scrapping and cardmaking mixed with other leftovers in my stash. One way that I tend to work with scraps is to have a colour palette in mind first and use that to put together the bits and pieces I want to use.
In the instance of this layout I started out with the photos which are of red and tin coloured decorations from Christmas so I went with a red and grey tones colour palette looking though the leftovers and picking out bits and pieces that would work. I also pulled out some gold glittery embellishments from my stash to work with the Christmas theme and added some blue to use as an accent colour. Here's what I ended up with:

When putting together layouts using scraps, I tend to find it works the best for me letting them build up organically so it's literally just a case of building up the bits and pieces together and arranging and layering them till I'm happy with the look. They're all scraps that need using up so I'm not concerned with how much gets covered over in the end.

Here I've also layered stickers over the top of one another to create a different look. You can hide parts on stickers you don't want on your layout behind other layers too.

With this sticker I attached it to the bottom of the layout and cut it off so I just used the edge of it to add a little red highlight to the bottom edge of the layout. I used another couple of embellishments to build up a little cluster.
Most of the paper scraps I've not cut down just left them as the were and covered over the layers to leave small pieces of them peeking out.

I made another 'cluster' embellishment from a tag, sticker and little off cuts of paper and ribbon:

 And there is the finished layout:

I made a note of all kits the different bits came from and I ended up using leftovers from six different kits.

OK, now it's your turn. Have you made a layout or other project mixing up leftovers from kits? Why not have a play as we wait for the new kits?
Have fun!
x Leo

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  1. I always do this! I cant afford to splash out on lots of new papers but find I can use scraps that are a year old and they don't look out of place!