Photo, Photo Matts

This is an idea I was playing with a while ago and I decided to pick it up again working with this months' kits. I was thinking of how some people mention how they like the photo to work with the paper behind it and what easy ways there are to do this. Most of us now I think work with digital photos or we have scanners so we're scanning in photos to print out too. So as I was uploading photos from my camera and dropping some I wanted to crop into my paint program I got to thinking why not play around with some of the photos I was cropping and create a photo matt for the photo I wanted to use using the same set of photos? So that's what I ended up having a play with. It was a really simple process just taking one of the photos I was working with and picking out a section of it and then printing that photo section out on to white cardstock. You could use the whole of the same photo instead of just one section or zoom in on one area and crop it out to use like I did so you get the same colours but a different picture.
Once I had the printed photo I stitched around the edge in a haphazard border then cut around it to create the photo matt. The papers and embellishments I've used are a mix up from both the main kit and the Lite kit.

Hope it's given you some ideas anyway of mixing and matching your kits with your photos. :)
x Leo

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