New Kit Packaging


So this month there is new kit packaging and I wanted to do a little post about how you can make use of it.
First of all there's the handy take out bag your kits are in:

You can grab your kit bag and add in your essentials like your paper trimmer, tape, glue etc and then you're good to go craft, wherever, whenever.
Inside your kit bag your Quirky Kits are inside a clear bag which has your kit info sticker on. 

 On there you have the kit colour matches:

Using this you can match up your exisiting supplies. These could be anything you have in yoru supplies like older bits and pieces you want to use up or it could be your other craft basics you want to use like ink, paint, or spray mists. Here I've had a look through my stash to pull out some colour matches. You're not going to get perfect matches but you can use it like a guide to help you get the right tones.

Here's another example, mixing in ribbons and trims. It all depends on what you want to use.

Some supplies are going to be patterned, not just plain colours so to mix in those place it beside the colours and see if the tones match.

While you're using your kit keep it inside its plastic bag, replacing any off cut bits inside it and then after you've finished up your kit and are left with the final bits and pieces you can use the colour matches again to match up your last bits to your existing supplies to make use of your left overs and make your kit go further as well as use up your older supplies.
Have fun with your new packaging!
x Leo

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