Technique Overload Layout

I went a bit crazy on this layout. My kits are into the last bits now so I've got a mix up of paper scraps and embellishments and wanted to think of ways to use up the paper scraps. Then I also had a few ideas I wanted to have a play with I'd thought of earlier on and then not got around to so this whole layout became a bit of an experiment/mish mash.

It's fun to have a proper play with supplies every now and then without worrying if you're going to 'ruin' anything and kit left overs and bits and pieces you have just before new kit time are perfect for playing around with. I've got one more project to come with the current kits. It's almost time for new kits so subscribers look out for your notification emails. You can look up the new kits in the shop but also look out next Wednesday for the full kits details and photos popping up here on the blog.
x Leo

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