A Simple Recipe

Hi Leo here!

I made a layout for Simple Recipes over on UK Scrappers using bits from the new kits so I'm doing a little more of an 'in depth' look at some of the ideas I used making the layout.

The background of the layout is built up with four patterned papers. It kind of looks like four papers layered on top of each other but each of the upper strip are just 2 inches wide and they're graduated and stuck together on the back with doublesided tape.

If you use doublesided tape you can use it to stick the layers of paper together first then when you're happy you can peel the backing off and use the same tape to fix it down to your cardstock.

The last layer is the largest, it's the size of the rest of the sheet minus the size of the top strips you want to showing. It's a nice easy way to get the effect of lots of layers of paper without use up your whole sheets.

The next technique involved creating recipe cards stamping with rubber bands.
To start with use a wide band and wrap it around a clear stamping block. Ink the band up well, I used a chalk ink as it had lots of pigment in it so it was easy to get a good impression from.

Line up the band with the edges of your cut out piece of card and stamp around the edge. This is a 6x4 inch stamp block I'm using so I cut out the card to 6x4 inches too. Obviously you can make it smaller but it's much easier to do one line rather than try to match up the lines so I wouldn't go larger than the stamp block size you have.

Narrow rubber bands are good for stamping lines. You can use these for any kind of journalling card, doesn't have to be a recipe card.

Here's a finished recipe card where I've mixed the wide and narrow rubber band stamping. Because you're stamping rather than printing with this idea you can experiment with what types and colours of ink you're using and even try embossing so you can create metallic gold or silver ones or glittery ones with the glitter embossing powders you can get. 

Another thing I did is use one of the Teresa Collins vellum stickers to make a glittery title. When I went to use these I discovered just how sticky they are! Really sticky so that got me thinking of using something like glitter on the back. It was just a case of sprinkling the glitter of the back of the sticker and it was sticky enough to cover the whole surface. I don't have micro beads to try but I'm sure something like that would have worked too. There are other things I want to try too like gold/silver leaf, any of those kinds of gilding flakes or foils could be good!

I'll be back with more soon. I'm working on a series of blog posts about planner making with your existing scrapping supplies. I've really been determined to do something without spending more money so my base for my planner is a trimmed down ring binder I wasn't using anymore. I'll let you know more as I get to properly start it. I have set up a planner making Pinterest board here where I can put ideas and cool printables as I see them.

x Leo

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