The new Quirky Kits run through part 2!

Continuing the run through of the new kits the next one is the new Lite kit 'Carrot Cake Muffin'. Carrying on the kit theme too, (and to get your inspiration going for Baking week this month!) here's a recipe for carrot cake muffins,
I use carrot cake recipes and substitute the carrot with pumpkin to make pumpkin cake too, adding a little bit of nutmeg to the icing instead of cinnamon or vanilla really works with pumpkin cake too.
OK onto the kit!
In the embellishment bag are these fun quirky note cards in cloud shapes. You can use these for journalling or just as embellishments to highlight a title.

Prima Coffee Break flowers. 

And some super cute mini envelopes from Jillibean Soup. Again these are good for adding journalling inside, (maybe on a tag) or to use as a layer. The little size makes them good as embellishments on cards too.

More embellishments in the kit include a pack of navy coloured bling stickers,

and a cardstock alphabet sticker sheet.

You also get some coloured raffia, this is another May Arts trim. You can use it on cards or home decor projects or my personal favourite would be to use it in gift wrapping. It's a little touch of rustic that works well in Autumn.

In the papers with this being the Lite kit I've picked out a paper with cards on so if you want to you can use the paper as an extra sheet of embellishments. The jewel tones of this Echo Park one work really well for Autumn I especially liked the top three cards on the sheet.

The other papers are all jewel toned too. We've got a new manufacuter to try this month in Chickaniddy Crafts paper. I liked the deep orange colour of the stripe paper and it's a good on for Halloween or Autumn or everyday.

If you're not feeling the brighter colours I also made sure the other sides had a subtler look so you can flip them to get a different feel.

This kit like the main also has a hint of mint and navy which has been a key inspiration for the kits this month. Mixing just the subtler tones in the kit gives you a different look again.

Next we have the Embellishment kit 'Marshmallow Dream Bar' There are a few different recipes for Marshmallow Dream Bars I found online. Lots of them involve chocolate and Rice Krispies. They're also Rice Krispie treats, the kind with the marshmallow. With it being half term this month I did think this could be something fun to do with little ones so I've picked out two recipes for Marshmallow Dream Bars this one, and then for adults how about this one, which is basically a brownie recipe with melted marshmallows on top and then an icing similar to a chocolate fudge cake one. I've not made the second recipe but reading it I think I'd have to put some strong dark coffee in the icing, (along with the cocoa) or use some real dark chocolate in the brownie base just to make it not as sweet with all that marshmallow but still chocolately! Let me know if you have an experiment with the recipe. 

On to the kit. One of the first things I picked out for the kit was this lovely washi tape from Love My Tapes. It's sold as navy but for me this is more of an indigo colour, it's lovely and it set me off looking for slightly brighter colours in the embellishment kit but still using the inspiration of the jewel tones.

These little Prima Coffee Break stickers are a bonus for you, they weren't meant to go in but I just couldn't resist them!

These little clouds are by Maya Road. I've put a half pack in per kit just because they were all the same design repeated four times so I figured that was too many of the same thing. Wooden embellishments are great for adding a rustic element but you can also ink them or paint them to give them a look you want. How about making them all grey and black for a Halloween project!

The Elle's Studio Sycamore Lane line is adorable but there were quite a few of the things very 'US' with thanksgiving and fall themes so I picked out the Little Bits and Pieces embellishment packs for kits as they have great universal sayings and look Autumn!

These chipboard stickers from MAMBI are really fun too. I loved all the different fonts and the addition of the colour to the chalkboard just lifts the look.

The mint hint is here in the embellishment kit in the form of these yummy gems from Kaisercraft. If you're lucky enough to have the Lite and embellishment kits you have to mix your navy and mint gems embellishments together for at least one project, lush!

These vellum stickers I thought were interesting too, they don't go quite clear they take on the colour of what you stick them to. 

You also get a pack of buttons from Fancy Pants. Some are chipboard and some are resin and they have foam dots so you can use them as a quick stick embellishment or sew them on like buttons. You may also notice if you have a main or Lite kit some of these colours and patterns are in your papers too!

Last but not least are these amazing metal flower embellishment packs from Prima. I absolutely love these, they so remind me of 1950's/60's brooches. I also like how they're some that are flat so you can use them on scrapbook pages.

Even the ones that have a bit of dimention you can squish down to make them flatter.

You can also stack them up and mix them with the resin ones to make 'jewellery' style embellishments that would be brilliant for cards or home decor. I'm so going to use some of these to make jewellery!

OK hope you enjoyed the little kit run throughs! I'll be back with my first layout for you on Sunday. Don't forget to check out the Pinterest Boards for inspiration too, I just started a new board for planner inspiration. I'm in the process of making a planner type project using scrap supplies which I'll share when it's a bit more finished. I've used an A5 ring binder as the base for it and it's just a case of chopping and clipping in so far!
x Leo

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