Confetti making, glittering & Mini Tassel Making!

Hi! Leo back again. This week on Daring Cardmakers Nat set the challenge of creating a card that uses three elements taken from this image:

Here's my finished card:

Right away the dots and the image made me think of the Crate Paper Confetti paper in the main kit so I grabbed that to use. One side has a dot pattern that I wanted to use as a background. On one of the presents in the image there's also a tassel made with bakers twine so I thought I'd make a small tassel for the card. I didn't want it to be too bulky for a card front so I used sewing thread. We had this gold one in a past kit.
 First I wrapped the thread around three fingers lots of times to make a chunky loop. I then cut off a long length of the thread and doubled it over then threaded that through the loop.
 I then took another separate cut piece of the thread and used it to tie the top of the looped threads together so the bit threaded through the loop remained at the top to create the hanging. Finally I cut the looped thread apart and trimmed it to complete the tassel.

Another element I used from the image was the glittered decorations. I took one of the star stickers from the Simple Stories sticker sheet and stuck it temporarily to a spare piece of clear backing from another packet and then added Glossy Accents over the top of the sticker. I then sprinkled over the glitter and left it to dry on the sheet.

To assemble the card I cut out some of the Crate Paper Confetti paper to fit my card blank and then fastened the tassel around it. I then added the heart sticker from the Simple Stories sticker sheet.

The confetti I made with the patterned paper punching it out with a hole punch and gluing it down to the card with dots of Glossy Accents.

Finally to finish I added one of the Serendipity puffy stickers and another of the star stickers, this one I left pink.

Following on from the idea of using elements you could use any of the three custom embellishments, (mini tassel, glittering stickers, making paper confetti) made here on your own project. They're all very easy to adapt to your choice of papercraft project.

Have fun!
x Leo

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  1. I love the tassel and glitter - great techniques :)