Quirky Pocket Pages!

Good Morning Crafters!

A quick introduction my name Is Melanie, I'm 19 years old, I have been scrapbooking for almost 4 years and i am delighted to be apart of the Quirky Kits Design Team!

Right onto the fun stuff! As this was my first month the lovely Leo sent the pocket page cards my way and left me to produce my magic! So here I am ready to show you all what I came up with.

The cards I were given were not only really versatile and funky coloured but they were so easy to fit into my everyday life pages!


This close up is of the first page of the double page spread. When I received the packet of cards I wanted to do something different instead of using them as they came, I suppose put my own touch on them. So these two cards I made by cutting apart the originals and backing them onto the To-DO list.

Relaxing days off - An overview shot of the left side of the double page spread.  As you see there's me relaxing with my feet up and drinking my lovely Aloe Blossom Tea! I'm not a fan of drinking tea and coffee or anything hot, pass me the juice bottle anytime! However when you see something and your like hhmm, I really want to try that  well hello Aloe Blossom Tea! The gold foiling on these cards are to die for, so elegant and sassy! 

Sneaky closeup of the second page. The books eeekkk!! I love books so this card just fitted in so easy, and perfect timing too as both my favourite Authors have books out in the upcoming months so I also used the TO-DO list to leave myself a little reminder, not that I needed it, to pre-order them. 

My favourite card to make was the finished effect of using the two above. First of all I cut the green section from the top of the number bulleted card and stuck it to the top of the black 3x4 leaving about a cm gap. Next I cut off the numbers 4 & 5 leaving 1-3 behind. Then Leaving a gap so you can see the behind card I stuck it together creating the desired affect below.


Using tiny letter stickers I had to change Top Five to Top Three which was fine becuase it tied in the black background and it stand out even more. Last but not least I used more of the TO-DO list pad and added a small peice on the bottom of the card just to stick to the Kraft theme I've ran through the whole page spread.

Thickers!!! My favourite part of any kit is thickers! I think I may have a slight obsession.. But I'm not on my own surely. On this page I haven't only included the pictures of the upcoming books but a status Mark Billingham actually replied to me on 🙂🙂🙂 exited was defiantly an understatement. 
The 5 star review card backing was made by several 3x4 cards also adding a strip of the back of the to do list, this was also another very versatile piece of the kit. I don't usually write many to do lists so I used the back of it and backed many of the cards with it as its Kraft paper, and at the moment I'm trying to add more neutral tones to my work. 

I have really enjoyed playing around and be in involved with this kit and I'm struggling to keep my excitement down for the next one! So many gorgeous things coming up! 


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  1. Love your layout Mel...now I want to do a layout dedicated to books lol x