Getting Beatific With It - Working with 'cut off' strips

Hi Leo here

I’ve been having a play with my main kit 'Beatific' today. 

As a starting point for my layout I took inspiration from this layout on Pinterest. It’s from the Fancy Pants blog and it’s used the ‘Chill’ paper that’s in the main kit so that's what I picked out first. I wanted to use strips of paper to follow the lines on the pattern and mix in some of the ribbon and embellishments and going through the papers I thought, instead of cutting strips from the main paper sheets why not use the already made up strips at the bottom of the papers, the ‘cut off strips’. They’re already strips and they already have a fun mix up of patterns! 
I started off by cutting the Chill paper into two pieces to use both sides and matted one piece at the top and one at the bottom of the sheet of kraft cardstock.
In between the two pieces I've added the cut off strip paper pieces layering them up, (all three are cut from the main kit paper). I also added the title first having it central and following the lines on the paper and I'm using that as I go along as the guide to add the other pieces making up the layout underneath.

Next I've added some larger pieces of patterned paper to act as a background for my photo along with another strip across the top to anchor them, (this one is the cut off strip from the Chill paper).

At this stage I've added my photo along with some of the washi strips from the kit, (everything I've used is just from the main kit). The cute flower die cuts from the die cut pack have a scribble pattern on them and it reminded me of loose threads so what I did to enhance the die cut a bit, (to give it a bit more texture and interest) is wrap some sewing thread around three of my fingers loosely to get a bundle then I've fixed that bundle down onto the back of the die cut with double sided tape then used the same tape to adhere it to the layout trapping the threads.

 My sewing machine is out right now, (it's got the promise of a cushion to be made but no idea when that's going to happen!) so I added a little bit more stitching and another strip of paper under and at the top of the title.  All finished! This, (for me) was a really quick layout, I did it in about an hour, just over. I like how the cut off strips make it look like lots of paper was used when really I just used the one full sheet and some little bits. Hope it can inspire you to use up your cut of strips!
xx Leo

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