Blissful Squares

Hey guys! How are we all?

So here is another layout featuring the end of my birthday and back onto everyday life. I've decided this time to do the 12x12 layout that incorporates 4 squares. I don't do many of these in my layouts throughout the year but I had lots of photos to fit in just for May so found this the best option.

For this entire spread I used:
The Blissfull kit
- Jen Hadfield Tropical Delight Paper
- Blissful cut apart sheet 
- White 12x12 Cardstock
- WRMK Fkower Girl Stickers
- Millie & June Puffy Alpha Stickers
- Simple Stories We are here washi

The first square is the morning after the 'birthday bestie' previous layout pictures were done and trust me that cuppa tea was defiantly needed! 
Every birthday needs a cake or two!, this year I got a huge custard cream cake and some pug buns. I've decorated this square by matting the paper onto white Cardstock to give it a white border and then I have used alphas and stickers to decorate.

I love this next square as it shows a different technique. I have taken two strip of the white card, used to board the paper, and cut them with arrow shapes and as I stuck them down left a gap to show he paper behind. I then took my four 2x2 photographs and place them accordingly. 

In the upcoming layouts you'll be able to see, or if you have already noticed I have quite an obsession with Yankee candles! I get a couple of new ones every month and soon my new unit shall arrive so I will have more space to put them out in order, and by order I mean my OCD has taken over and placed them in scent categories-- oh dear now I sound crazy 😂

On this layout I also used the washi tape which I was hesitant to use at first but these blue tones reminded me of a galaxy and space especially the one with the white dots on and it also made the Lush shopping bag in the picture stand out. The LUSH shop I have to go in everytime I pass one! Who can get tired of those awesome smells that run up your nose and brain wash you to go in and spend a fortune. The ordeal with the paper bag is that usually there just black and brown naturally coloured however on occasions they have this wicked blue and pink and purple Galaxy watercolour bag and I specifically have to have it. 

Green fingered people anyone?.
I am not green fingered at all I hate gardening, however the exitment on lukes face when he found potatoes in our garden was just adorable and obviously picture worthy. When I received the kit and saw the WRMK Flower Girl stickers I new that they would accompany this photo and it worked out a treat.

Of course my babies have to be featured, I mean how cute and adorable are my little creatures!. 
Again I loved the alphas on here there a brilliant colour and a fantastic text, sometimes it hard to pick a good font but these I love. The cut apart sheet I have used throughout the spread I have used in strips and tucked it underneath the photographs and either journaled on them or simply left to embellish. 


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