Before anyone runs away in fear, this layout is not about reptiles; it's about the southernmost point of mainland Britain (hahaha...) This is yet another photo from my summer holiday in Cornwall with my brother and grandmother and I wanted to try a fun 'collage' of geometric shapes from a Pinkfresh studio Indigo Hills pattern paper.

I like to think that the overall layout looks either like scales or piles of rock and I tried to go for muted greys and yellows with pops of bright blue. I found the easiest way to make the shapes by hand was just to cut them pretty randomly and position them on the page. Don't spend too long perfecting the positions as they're pretty likely to move as soon as you start sticking! I then used gesso around the shapes, making it more opaque towards the edge of the layout to add dimension.
I added thin layers behind my photo to make it stand out and clustered some hearts. I pretty much just went for the obvious when it came to the title, there's no real 'story' to this page so I didn't try journaling but I wanted to remember where the photo was taken. 

 Adding ink splatters created some contrast on the page and scruffed it up a bit.
 I love this camera from the Reset Girl chipboard stickers and it nicely filled in the space after the title.
I'm not sure if 'cool' is exactly the word for a family outing but I love the bright blue and I think the sign/arrow shape kind of links to how the Lizard is about direction (being far South). I hope you enjoyed this post and as we finish our kits, this kind of design is perfect for using up scraps!

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