July 2016 - Event packed month

Hello everyone,

After a holiday and quite few bank holidays, I'm back with a lot of layouts to share with you, also the new kit we received inspired me. But as I mentioned previously, I'm catching up with my Project Life album, so today I will share the rest of the pages from July, as this month is quite photo heavy month (many events packed in one month - a visit from America, volunteer work, work anniversary and graduation ceremony). While ago you saw from me a post where I scrapbooked my graduation ceremony. But few things were happening beforehand and after that, so these three pages I'm sharing with you today is connected with those posts.

So you might think that the first page is different in colour scheme than others, the reason is the location of the page, it's put together with the layouts you saw in the previous posts - June ending. For that reason, I used some of the same elements - labels, stickers and the pink undertones throughout the page. The beginning of July signified my husbands' work anniversary - 1 year, here are some of the pictures from that day. As everyone knows both of us love playing video games, so his colleagues decorate his desk space and gave balloons to him. While during this period I was on a mission to find graduation and interview dress and shoes, these pictures were sent to my hubby to have a second opinion. At the end I went with the black shoes on the top-right corner, they look amazing but the most uncomfortable shoes ever. I got blisters at the bottom of my feet, which I had never had before in my life. 😄

And this page in the album is located with the graduation layouts for that reason I choose to use the navy, yellow and neutral tones in the layout, which was part of our kits a few months ago. My favourite Pinkfresh collection - had 2 die-cut packs and I have used all of it. This page mainly focused on the relative visit from America and my final volunteering for my scholarship. This year my volunteer work was a bit different because I was in charge of social media, which meant I had to take a lot of photos of the ceremony. However, the next day I had my ceremony to attend, so this is where the Graduation layouts would be located.

The final project life layout for today is the memories of the July end, which was a difficult period for me because I finally had to realise that's it - the university is over, and I'm unemployed. This meant a lot of applications and interviews, here are few highlights before and after an interview. However, this days' interview went quite horrible which resulted that I was sitting next to Tate and was feeling sorry for myself a lot :D. Sometimes even those bad times have to be recorded, of course, I got over it the next day. The final event for this month was Martins quarterly work event, and this time it was a boat trip.

I hope you enjoyed this, talk to you soon and look out for more from me, Agnese :)

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