Run woman run!

5 years ago I did Couch to 5k and was working my way up to 10k (well i was running 7 pretty regularly) when I moved to Devon and you know, hills. So it all stopped. Then a new group started up where I live now - which is flatter than Torquay and I decided to give it another go. And now I am running a few times a week. So expect many running themed layouts to come (I say run, its more like a small stubby strawberry lolling along in my opinion!). I went to a Parkrun and my lovely husband surprised me by turning up to cheer me at the end  and take photos. Sadly so far its still my only Parkrun, but I hope to have another go soon! 
Anyway, it all needed celebrating and the most important thing is how helpful the fabulous kit was (as ever!)
 Seeing as my running gear is all pink (why? why does most running gear come in pink?) the peachy pink papers were perfect. I decided to keep the rest neutral with lots of grey and some pops of green and pink from those fabulous phrase stickers. The grey diagonal stripe behind the photo isn't paper, its the backing card from some of the embellishments.

I chose some toning butterflies to represent me changing (!) and fussy cut them out. The writing on the photo was done using Picasa. I gave everything an outline to add some definition and then played about until I was happy with placement and stuck it all down.

It was pretty simply done and a fairly swift layout to do - having everything together as a kit means you can concentrate on having fun playing and telling the story which is what it is all about for me! 

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