Browsing through the new releases & more kit peeks!

If you get excited about new scrapbooking goodies you'll probably be like me and are keeping a peek out for the new goodies being shown at the end of this month at the CHA trade show in the US. I've been keeping a special eye out for some goodies with potential for Quirky Kits and already seen some things to put on my big list, see what you think........

Pink Paislee are always a manufacturer I look out for and they've released some little glimpses of new goodies, bigger pictures are coming out on the 24th apparently. I keep checking for the new catalogue, dying to see this collection in full but we'll have to make do with this little snippet for now:

It's a collection designed by the House of Three. I was intregued by the design colaberation last time around but the collection then didn't do much for me so I'm looking forward to seeing this much more colourful collection. I love that they've used 'Junque' in the title as it's got a great meaning that works with what I look for to add to Quirky Kits. It's basically the 'cool vintage junk'. I love the Urban dictonary defination:
'Seemingly useless or out-of-date items with a certain je ne sais quoi.'
I've finally got to see this new collection and it's kind of not dissapointing. It's a little more contrived than I was expecting but there are defo some star pieces in there, what do you think?

Websters Pages are another favourite of mine and this year they haven't dissapointed. I've picked out my favourites from what I've seen so far:

They'll be some Websters Pages goodies in the March/April Quirky Kit that I'm keeping a secret! I really love their trims I think they're the best imitation of some of the genuine vintage trims I love:

Prima sometimes come up with something fun in the embellishment stakes. I was drawn to these cute resin embellishments:
I've got lots of vintage resin embellishments I've collected and I'm sure Prima have been inspired by similar ones but they've updated them by using strong bright colours which I think really works.

Studio Calico come up with some interesting things now and again. I loved the wood elements I picked out for the 'Hey Christmas Cupcake' Quirky Kit last year so I'm pleased to see they've revamped them for this year. I particularly like these butterfly shapes and can see them being stamped on or distressed with paint to make them more shabby chic:

There are some papers that have caught my eye too, I picked out these four in particular and some of the embellishments too:

Sassafras always come up with some neat stuff. As soon as I got the email last year about Paper Crush I did get a paper crush! The airmail strip/vintage letter look is a huge trend I was looking out for so why am I not surprised Sassafras picked up on that!

You'll be among the first in the UK to get your new Sassafras fix as these goodies will be in your January/February Quirky Kit!

Elle's Studio picked up on the airmail strip look too for some of their brand new releases. Loved these so much I had to get some for the January/February Quirky Kit! You'll get some of these and the 'This Story Journalling Tags' in your kit too.

What have you seen from the new CHA Peeks that have caught your eye? If you've not seen anything yet check out the links on Scrapbook Update,
xx Leo


  1. I really can't wait to get my hands on the Jan/Feb kit now, I love the new line from Sassafras. Those trims from websters pages look amazing too. I'm so glad I signed up to your kit and I'm really looking forward to the year ahead. :)

  2. *drool* can't wait now and so glad i subbed!!

    Have you seen For The Record by Echo Park? Vintage and the colours rock!! :)

  3. Oooh they all look lovely, can't wait to see what's in the kits over the next 12 months

  4. Yep I've seen the echo park for the record, love the colour combo too. :)
    I've just been looking at the new Lily bee design catalogue and there's some really cool stuff in that. There's a collection called 'This and That' that's got a fab jumbo polka dot design and a fresh blue/red/cream/black colour combo and a pretty Summery Collection 'Happily Lost' that's amazing! Bright orange, pink, yellow and green. I can see that mixed with black or grey too to make a high contrast. Can't wait to start my May/June inspro board! :)

  5. I'm another fan of Echo Park For the Record and I adore Studio Calico woodgrain papers from the Countryside collection. In fact I think I'm addicted to woodgrain lol.