More Simple Stories and NSD fun

I had to pack up my craft desk yesterday (I say pack up but to be honest I just cleared my desk and sorted things a bit  and will leave the rest to the packers) but before I did so I just had to sit down and do another 2 pages for my memories of Babbacombe Simple Stories binder.
I saw that one of the pockets had a tall thin strip and I knew that was perfect for the page that would have no photos
 I live opposite one of my places of work but the other is right across the other side of Torbay. It is a gorgeous drive and there are so many places where you can glimpse the sea. But most of the views you either can't park at to take photos or photos would not do them justice. I did think about going on a bus so that I could try and take photos but time is against me. So instead I described my journey. At the end I realised that I should have journalled the return as that is even better!

I knew there would be a lot of writing so wanted to keep the rest fairly plain. So I grabbed some die cuts and a strip of paper. I stuck a few bits  down and then spotted the "simple moments" tag which I thought would be great so added in some pink accents with a pink die cut and by colouring in the flowers on the green tag. There is a mix of red and pink but it works I think. I really like the way the cut in half circle works. The jelly tag is across the pages on the outside but as this is the back of the pocket it doesn't interfere with getting the pages in and out.

The front of the pocket is all about the weirdness that is our view. My part of town actually is round a different bay from Torbay and faces up the country rather than off to France. So on a good day you can see as far as Portland Bill. (And look at the sea in the photos, it is quite often this beautiful colour)

 I have just treated myself to these Mama Elephant Block Party letter stamps. Aren't they fab? I coloured them in with black biro scribbles and a Zig Clean Colour pen. I had measured the size of the pocket and then merrily cut my paper in the wrong place and so fixed it by adding some washi tape from the kit. It isn't as good to write on but never mind! I saw this little Pink Fresh die cut that I thought was perfect and as the paper is Pink Fresh too it meant the colours work well. The die cut behind it and the one on the top right are the same one cut in half.

Two very simple squares of paper given washi tape bottoms and die cut or washi word additions.
I again added something on the outside of the pocket, here you can see what the pocket page looks like without anything in it
I haven't caught up on here with my pages for National Scrapbook Day. Leo set some fabulous challenges. I only managed to do three but almost everything was either from the present kits or kits of the past!
Firstly the challenge to use at least 5 papers and 5 types of embellishment
 I do love it when a kit has the perfect colours for a photo! I think I am right in saying everything here is QK.
Then there was a 30 minute challenge. I think this took 28. Everything is QK apart from the black thickers. I do love that heart paper (I don't love the way my face looks Easyjet orange...)
 and finally we were challenged to use something that wasn't a stamp to stamp with. 
 I had totally misread the challenge and had already made the stencil background, which didn't leave much room for stamping! So I went for the random addition of butterflies which don't tie into the story at all. Never mind! I had some wooden butterflies on my desk so I covered them with ink and lay them down on the paper. As you can see I added the butterflies on as well. When all the butterflies were dry I gave them the liquid pearl dots treatment. Everything else is from Quirky Kits
My craft desk looks so sad with nothing on it. I am looking forward to unpacking and getting it all messy again!

Daily Life.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend planned, and if not I hope you enjoy whatever it brings. Since I have today off, before my weekend of work starts, I Thought I would share another layout I have made using the latest kit! 

For my layout I used, Amy Tangerine Better Together Peanut Butter and Jelly paper using the side with the cameras on as it's super adorable. I also used PinkFreshStudios Life Noted Puffy Sequin Stickers, Simple Stories Carpe Diem Chipboard Stickers, Fancy Pants Atwell Green Puffy Alphas, Fancy Pants Atwell Washi, PinkFreshStudio Cards and BAZZILL Basic Lemonade Cardstock. 

So from top to bottom, left to right, card by card I'll show you how I put my layout together.

My first card I I used a 4x4 photo and I matted that onto the BAZZILL Lemonade Cardstock, the using the Atwell Fancy Pants Chevron Washi I used a 3inch (roughly) strip and attached it onto the side of the photo. I finished off by using the Fancy Pants Green Puffy Alphabet to title the card 'Hamster Love' and I also used two Puffy Sequin Stickers from Pink Fresh Studios to embellish the right hand corner.

The next card I used a Pink Fresh Studios 3x4 card and cut and inch of the bottom to make a 3x3 card, I then matted it onto the Lemonade Cardstock and placed the remaining inch stuck into the side and secured it with the Chevron Washi. I embellished with the sequin puffy stickers and a heart chipboard piece from th Simple Stories Chipboard Embellishment Stickers. Last I used the alphas to write he word 'Always' - So this card reads ' Little Stories To Remember Always'.

These are 2 of 4 of the 3x4 cards that run along the middle of the layout. So again I matted the photo on the lemonade, which just brings all the photos together really, and decorated with puffy sequin stickers, alphas and again the simple stories chipboard stickers. 

And to follow the other 2 remaining pockets from the middle spread. On these set of pictures me and my lovely other half enjoyed our first ever bbq together in our garden, it was a really enjoyable day he weather stayed really warm, the neighbours came round and yep we didn't burn the food! Smiles all around.

This bottom left card is my pre birthday shopping trip!! To put this across I used the party theme pieces from the Simple Stories Chipboard Stickers and just used the Sequin Puffy Stickers dotted around to finish off. For the journaling I used the back of one of the Pink Fresh Studio Life Noted Cards that I wasn't going to use and journaled on the back.

The Last card on the bottom we used the burger meat and turned them into meatballs, and I can honestly say they were gorgeous! So i finished of with matting the picture onto the lemonade, sequin puffy stickers and the journaling again on the back of a journaling card.

Here is the final full photo of the layout, although I only used around 4 different items to 6 if you include the backing paper and baking Cardstock, I still think this layout turned out really well and I'm trying to spread out how much I use on layouts so one: it doesn't look over board and two: it means I get to use nice goodies on more projects.

MelanieJoanne ❤️

Something snappy!

Today I'm going to share with you how I decorated my clipboard using the the Quirky Kit Lite Kit. 

First of all you will need a chipboard clipboard as these are the more sturdier type. 

Next you will need to choose your desired 12x12 paper and Ephemera to decorate. 

Start of by covering the clipboard in double sided tape. 

Next leaving room at the bottom,so it covers the top nicely, stick the paper to the board.
I chose Pink Fresh Studios Life Noted Checkerboard from the Quirky Main Kit.

You will need to use a craft knife or scissors to cut the paper so the clip bit sticks out of the top.

Next flip the clipboard over and fold the paper over tightly securing it with double sided sticky tape.

Now the next bit may be a little fiddly! Stand the board up right and squish the card so it folds over and follows the curve of the corner of the clipboard. 

Turn it over and as you can you may need to tape the cardstock down using cello tape.

Flip the board back over to the front and where the excess card is under the clip, carefully cut with scissors or a craft knife to nicely finish it off.(mine isn't very neat but it does get covered up by embellishments anyway) 

Next repeat the paper laying process on the bottom part of the board with either a bold colour or another pattern, I choose some gold wrapping paper I had left over from Christmas.  

Last stage is to decorate so take out your ephemera or embellishments  have chosen to stick to the same kit so I used PFSLN (Pink Fresh Studios Life Noted) Rubber Charm Stickers, PFSLN Die Cuts and PFSLN Washi  Stickers.

And here is the finish result all ready to keep them special memorabilia safe.

MelanieJoanne ❤

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telling simple stories 2

Here are some more of my small pages. I think I am beginning to get the hang of it now, and also am prepared to go with the flow of having to move the file around to see the various pages.
Exhibit A
 Lets have a closer look at that new page shall we?
 I loved the circles on the paper but needed to make it all smaller scale so I cut some of the circles out and stuck them on white cardstock. As ever, adding black lines always makes me feel better.
The journalling block uses the fab yellow washi tape and some letter stickers from an old Quirky Kit. I chopped some of the squares from the Pinkfresh Studio Life Noted ‘Checker board’paper and cut them up to go behind the small photos (and used the ampersand in front). Again I used the Pinkfresh Studio embellishments both on the photo and on top of the pocket

 OK so the dog isn't part of the scenery. But you can see she is an old girl and I'm not sure how she will cope with the move so I wanted to record this stage of her life.
I used the Fancy Pants Attwell Black and White Stripe puffy alphabet stickers for the title and the die cuts are Pinkfresh 
I love the yellow banner and so made sure there were plenty of other yellow accents on the page, including colouring in some of the arrows on the top left journalling card with a bright yellow zig pen. I've just ordered a yellow cardigan and I'm sure it is the crafting that has influenced me!

Hello April

So I've managed to catch up on my Project Life (up to this layout anyway, I'm now a couple of weeks behind) As mentioned in the last post there was soooo much with this kit Leo has for sure outdone herself! As well as a 12x12 layout I will be uploading next week I've got a few project life style layouts to share with you so sit back, grab a cuppa and have a read on how I created this latest layout using the March/April Quirky Kit.

The colours on this layout, to me, scream spring & happy and April was a really fun month for me. Here's how I created this layout.

Products Used:

  • Amy Tangerine Peanut Butter & Jelly 12x12 patterned cardstock (both sides)
  • 12x12 sheet of White Cardstock
  • 12x12 Bazzill Jetstream Cardstock
  • Simple Stories Carpe Diem Cardstock stickers
  • Simple Stories Carpe Diem Bits & Pieces
  • Pink Fresh Studio Felicity Die Cuts
  • Pink Fresh Studio Life Noted Rubber Charms
  • Pink Fresh Studio Felicity Puffy Sequin Stickers
  • Cut out sheet of Label Embellishments
  • Fancy Pants Attwell Black & White strip puffy alphabet stickers
  • Fancy Pants Attwell Aqua puffy alphabet stickers
  • Fancy Pants Attwell Yellow Chevron Washi Tape
  • Whisper Studio Co. Hot Pink Twine
  • Whisper Studio Co. Blue and Yellow bakers twine
  • Growing Flower Charm
Here's how it was created:
Firstly I picked the Amy Tan Peanut Butter and Jelly cardstock and used my guillotine to cut three 4x12 inch strips. One of the strips I placed aside for now. With the other two I cut them to make four 4x6 cards. These will be the base of the main windows. With the other strip I laid aside I cut that into four 4x3 cards and used the other side of the cardstock for a contrasting colour.

My Title Card
I used a small piece of the white cardstock to back my title so it stood out more using one of the carpe diem chipboard stickers which says hello and spelling APRIL out with the Fancy Pants Attwell back and white puffy alphas. As I associate April with showers and sunny spells I themed my card around the weather using the rain cloud and umbrella from the Carpe Diem chipboard stickers and the sun from the Carpe Diem bits and pieces. I ran a strip of the Attwell yellow chevron washi tape down the right side to bring in some more of that bright yellow. I finished this card off with the Pink Fresh Studio Felicity ephemera which fittingly said spring is in the air, and as Carpe Diem means Seize the moment I added that too.

2nd Card
On this card I started by matting my photo's which I'd created in my Pic Stitch App onto some of the Bazzill Jetstream cardstock to soften the busy camera background of the Peanut Butter and Jelly cardstock. For decoration I threaded the growing flower charm onto some of the Whisper Studio Co. Hot Pink twine and wraped it around the card adhering it to the back where no one would see it. In between my photo's I used one of the Pink Fresh Studio Life Noted rubber charm stickers which says smile. I backed the PFS Felicity life in pictures tag onto one of the woodgrain cut out Labels Leo included in the kit and finished this layout off with two green puffy sequin from the PFS Felicty collection, one either side of the label.

Cards 3 & 4
For these two cards I didn't use many embellishments. The left card I just added the heart arrow ephemera and the Real Life tag from the Carpe Diem Bit's and Pieces collection.
The card on the right I used the frame from the PFS Felicity die cuts to frame my picture along with the 3 hearts I adhered to the bottom of it and the funky loopy arrow is from the Simple Stories Carpe Diem cardstock stickers. (Any one here watch The Walking Dead and screamed NOOOO when season 6 ended on such a cliffhanger?? I know I did and as the picture says 187 days to wait! Roll on October!)

Cards 5&6
Again not much embellishment on these two as I didn't feel they needed it. The left card I wrote up my journalling on my Silhouette Studio design software on my laptop and used one of the sketch pens instead of the blade to write. (This is a really funky technique and if anyone would like me to share with them via email how I do it please feel free to get in touch with me) I am preferring the look of typed cards to my own hand writing at the moment as I feel it looks more professional. For decorations, on both cards I used one of the sentiment labels from the Simple Stories Carpe Diem Bits & Pieces and one of the PFS Felicity die cuts.

Card 7
I can't remember if I intentionally chose the B side of the Peanut butter & jelly cardstock for this card or not, I like the outcome regardless. I matted my photo onto some white cardstock to make it pop and used the Fancy Pants Attwell black and white stripe puffy alphas to spell out my #nails title (I love painting my nails) I wrote a small piece of journalling on one of the tags that came with the PFS Felicity die cuts and used the pink heart from the same collection. I then used the black and white arrow and the polka dot heart from the Carpe Diem bits and pieces and the Live Colourfully from the Carpe Diem cardstock stickers, finishing off with some of the PFS Felicity puffy sequins.

The last card
I once again matted my photo's on white cardstock and across the middle wrote BRIGHTON using the Fancy Pants Attwell aqua puffy alpha stickers (say that 3 times fast haha!) for embellishments I used the life piece and the dream big cloud from the Carpe Diem bits & piece and cut up the blue and yellow piece from PFS Felicity die cuts pack, into 2 pieces, tucking both of them under the cloud piece. I finished off by wrapping around the bottom of the card some of the Whisper Studio Co. blue and yellow bakers twine and VOILA!!!

I hope you all had a lovely April and have had lots of time playing with your kits I would love to see them feel free to tag me in them on your instagrams my username is instamemories86. Until next week, Happy Scrapping everyone xx