Introducing Kesi'art

As the Quirky Kits introduction page on the website says:
"Contents is picked from all around the world for it’s quirkiness"
One of the places I love to shop for unusual scrapbook goodies is France. I want to introduce you to a scrapbook range that might be new to you but it's one of my favourites so I'm really happy that it will feature in your Quirky Kits this year! Kesi'art is a company I found in France. I was initially grabbed by their very cool polka dot cardstock. It's unlike any other cardstock I've used, it a good thick weighty cardstock but it's got a lovely light silk feel and a light woven texture too.
 It's great to use as a base for a layout or a structure for a minibook. Here are just a few of the many colours in the range:

One side is plain and the other the polka dot so you can decide to use the pattern or not. Kes'art also bring out some amazing patterned papers and embellishments here is just a very small selection:

I just know you'll be as excited to use these products as I am to stock them! Look out for Kesi'art products featuring in your Quirky Kits this year so far they'll be the only place in the UK you can get them :) Have a look on the Kesi'art blog too for some great ideas by the design team, lots of fresh exciting ideas going on there.
xx Leo


  1. Oh wow, I love their products. I've never been brave enough to order them from France though! Can't wait to finally own some! :)

  2. Oh they are lovely, really looking forward to getting my mitts on that cardstock

  3. *drool* LOVE LOVE LOVE them :) checking out the blog!!

  4. oooh checked out the website and i love the tutti frutti papers!! also those mini alphas :)
    great find Leo!!! :) xox