Quirky Designs

Here's a sneak peek of how Quirky Kits come together. You might get a peek at something that will be in upcoming kits too. Not everything on these inspo boards I've made will be in your kits it's more a source of ideas, or at least collating the ideas in one place.

This one is the inspro board for your May/June kit it's going to be called 'Downtown Tea Party'. I started off being inspired by some 1960's textile patterns, they're under the bottom layer on here somwhere. They were in these amazing colours of mauve, aqua and yellow and mixed geometric designs with florals. I really liked the idea of mixing natural patterns/motifs with geometric patterns. Going with that angle I picked out some natural motifs, butterflies, woodgrain and flowers but mixed them up so instead of soft flowers we've got resin ones and as well as natural woodgrain we've got bright coloured grain too. The geometric patterns show up in dots and stripes and the florals are also picked up with some of the papers I've picked out. There's also a little bit of a fashion edge and to make sure it doesn't all go too floral and girly there's black and grey in the mix too. Overall I think it's got quite an edgy feel to this board that's why it made me think 'downtown tea party'. Not altogether a June picnic with strawberries! :)

Here's what I've started work on over the past couple of weeks:

I love the light, airy feel of some of the things here. I'm thinking layers and ice cream colours at the mo but it'll probably drift off on another tangent before it's finished. When I see something I'll make a copy of it or snip it out and paste it on the board.

Hope you've enjoyed a little peek at the design stages of your kits! Look out for a sneaky peek of the March/April kit goodies coming up here very soon!


  1. Wow they both look amazing - especially July/Augusts

  2. oooooooh i am loving June's colours!!!!!
    Cool idea of how to get everything together.....June picture boared make great inspiration for a LO....do you mind if i use it please?
    Nat oxox

  3. I might not get to use these future kits as often as I'd like (baby #1 arrives in April...), but I know I'm going to find some time to stroke them. This is all the stash I shall be getting this year and I'm so glad I decided to sub to this kit. :)

  4. What great moodboards. I love seeing how a kit evolves.