Mini Book Mania


If you have some leftover bits and pieces of kits put them to use making some fun mini books. I've got two examples to show you today I've made with mixed up bits of Quirky Kits.

Arty Minibook

This is a really simple book to make and you can adapt it to suit your needs.
You'll need:
1 12x12 sheet of Sassafras patterned paper, (with the decorative trim).
2 sheets of 12x12 cardstock
Leftover patterned paper scraps and stickers to decorate
Spray mist, (optional)
Alphabet stickers for titles
Ribbon and trim leftovers for decorating.


Take a sheet of the Sassafras paper and cut it to 7.5 inches width, leave the decorative strip on the bottom.  Turn the paper around and fold it in half.

Score and fold a ¼ inch line at each side of the center fold line and fold along them to create a spine. This will be your book cover.

Decorate your cover. I’ve used the middle of the diecut Pink Paislee paper from the Makes Me Smile kit, a Sassafras sticker, alphabets and some trim, (this was leftover from the Juicy Fruit Quirky Kit).

To make your inside pages trim some cardstock in half to make 6x12” size pieces. Fold them in half. I’ve made four but you can make a couple more if you want extra pages. Lay them all in a stack with the right sides facing inwards.
Open out one of your cover pieces and glue the left side of your first page to the inside of the cover. It needs to fit inside your book cover so the outermost folds match up.
Keep the page folded and put some glue or tape on the back then add the next page on top of it. Repeat with the next page on top.

When you get to your last page glue it on the right side of the inside of your cover so it matches up to the fold on the right.
 Put some tape or glue on the left side page and fold the opposite page over so they stick together and complete your basic book.

When you open your book the pages should spring open nicely.
Now your book is ready to decorate! 
I've used tags and stickers to decorate and used spray inks on the pages with a doily as a mask. The paper doily was from the She's Creative Quirky Kit.

Back of the cover

My Space mini book

This one is based on a class I've done for UK Scrappers. I love these little tiny 4x4 books they're great to give as gifts for kids to fill in and perfect for using up smaller leftovers. You can download the class here,

So there you go, two ideas to use different amounts of leftovers. Get busy with your older leftovers before your new kit arrives!
xx Leo

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  1. Lovely mini books and great binding techniques! Thanks for sharing.