Spring in Your Step Ideas To Try


How are you getting on with your kit this month? Sarah has given us some fantastic ideas over the last couple of weeks. I've got a few more ideas to share over the next week. I'm going to begin today with a couple of layouts. Later we've got ideas for leftovers, photo ideas and just before the Royal wedding celebrations next week I've got some fun tea party projects including a pretty rose cupcake recipe and 'royal wedding fasinators' in place of party hats so save some of your tulle, union jack flags and grab your store cupboard ingredients (you'll need all the usual stuff flour/butter/eggs/sugar plus red food colour and rose syrup or vanilla flavouring if you don't like rose syrup, it tastes like rose turkish delight). I'll add more info about ingredients you might want to gather next week.

So back to today and layouts. I've got some suggestions of elements/ideas you can have a play around with.
Layout 1

Painted edges - Use layers of acrylic paints on the edges of your page and along the edges of your paper pieces and/or photos. Layer different colours, (here I've used yellow and gold) and use white for a distressed look. Use a dry brush so you don't curl your paper - the wetter the paper the more it will curl as it dries so always use paint sparingly with a dry brush.

Build up layers. Mix paper layers with fabric and tulle to create texture, don't worry too much about covering up just keep layering up!

Use off cuts of patterned paper to decorate your background, cut them into smaller pieces or use small off cuts if you have them and add them to your page background to create a sense of depth and add interest.

Layout 2

Use hand written journalling and hand drawn elements.

Use hand cut embellishments, you can sketch them out on paper first and then cut them out or hand cut them directly.

Layer up punched elements for a 3D effect, these also make use of paper scraps.

Here's a sketch to work from based on the second layout:

Next time I've got some neat ideas for using up more small leftover bits and pieces, there's a small little peek bellow and I'll be sharing a fun photo idea you can get the family involved in.

Speaking of small peeks, would you like to see my finished board for the July/August Quirky Kit 'The Milk Bar'?

'The Milk Bar' was one of my favourite places to go get sundaes when I was little. We used to get the most amazing milk floats, (cola, lemon or limeade with ice cream) and Knickerbocker glories from there it was pure summer bliss! It also had the most amazing 50's kitsch decor and this is in the early 90's late 80's when retro wasn't very in (more power suits, shell suits and bad perms lol) so that fun 50's kitsch really made an impression and it's still one of my favourite styles today. So thinking of summers past was the starting point for this, the colours, the feeling, the sunshine, {the rain!}. I've mixed soft candy colours with neutrals like tea dye and linen. I've also added lots of journalling inspired bits and pieces so this would make a great travel journal or a journal of any other kind of adventure! The neutrals will work to balance out all the prettier stuff too making it great for everyday scrapbooking or card making.


  1. Wow, great LO's. Very inspirational

  2. I love seeing your inspiration boards! Oh, and I used to sport one of those bad perms. Not a good look, that's for sure!!! :)