Thrifty Layering Ideas using the Quirky Kit Lite

Hi Leo here again!
Today I've got some ideas for using small amounts of kit but give the impression of lots of layers and details. I'll be using just the Quirky Kit Lite and some mist sprays from my stash to create this layout:

To start with I've taken a piece of kraft cardstock and cut out a 8x10 piece. I've placed my two photos on the card positioned how I would like them and drawn around the edges with pencil. I've then added some stickers - the alphabet stickers from the kit to make the first half of my title and one of the leftover sticker bits from the banner sticker sheet. I'm going to use them as masks and spray mist over the top so I've not pressed them hard down onto the card because I want to peel them back off.

I've used a light and a dark mist spray (silver grey and white) to create depth and interest. Once the mist has dried a little I've peeled off the stickers. I'm going to re-use the alphabet stickers to create the second half of my title - 'Tiger Tiger'.

Next I want to build up the background of my layout so I've started with a white sheet of 12x12 cardstock and glued two 1x12 inch strips of the kraft cardstock leftover from earlier down the left and right sides.

Using the Soiree paper I've cut out  four 1 inch wide strips and laid them along side the kraft card strips and across the top and bottom. This will create the look of a layer of paper behind and a layer of cardstock but in reality I've only used a small amount of paper and leftover pieces of cardstock.

To add a little extra detail I've stitched around the boarder with my sewing machine.

On top of the frame I've also stitched on the piece of kraft card I sprayed earlier and is now nice and dry. I've then added some more of the flag stickers and a button. Here's what I've got so far:

The pencil lines where the photos are going to go are still on the card so I'm working with those and building up some more embellishments around the edges of where the photos will go. Very simple embellishments we can make from small amounts of patterned paper are leaves. Here I've cut out some varying sizes of leaf shapes from little bits of the papers and cardstock in the kit.

Using the pencil lines as guides I've built up the leaf embellishments around the edges of the photos.

 Again as an extra finishing touch I've stitched some leaf veins on the leaves with my sewing machine. You could also doodle some veins on the leaves or just leave them plain.

Along with the leaves I've also added some more of the flag banner stickers. Because we have the pencil lines on there showing the position of the photos I can just use small pieces of the banner stickers and not waste any of the sticker that won't show under the photo.


Once I was happy with the embellishments around the outside of the photos I've glued the photos onto the layout and then built up a couple more of the banner sticker pieces over the top of the photos. To finish off the layout I've added on some of the Sassafras Paper Whimsies embellishments and some of the buttons from the kit.
Lots of layers and details but I've only used a small amount of patterned paper and a few embellishments. Hope you've enjoyed these thrifty ideas!
xx Leo


  1. Great way to make masks! I love your photos too!

    Here's what I've been up to with the kit.

  2. Love this one Leo. As a recent convert to mists Im going to give doing that with the alphas a go