Working with paper strips

Hi Leo here and today I've got an idea for you for a simple and fun way to build up a scrapbook page.
I'm using a mix up of The Milk Bar Quirky Kit and Ice pops Quirky Kit Lite.

As you work through your kits you might find you end up with lots of strips of paper so today I'm going to show you how easy it is to use these strips as a base to build a page. You may even want to make paper strips from your scraps to have a go too.

I'm going to use the American Crafts City Park paper from the Lite kit to build my page up on as it's got a nice boarder all the way around. From there it's as simple as building up your paper strips. I'm going to start with the largest one I have and add it right at the bottom of my page. If you're not confident to stick them down right away just place them till you're happy.
Next I've added another strip over the top of the last.
With the next strip I've cut a V shape in the end and added it above the last two strips so it's slightly overlapping them.
Next I'm going to add my photo. It's a large photo which is actually a scan of a photo collage so it's made up of lots of smaller photos. It's roughly 6x7 inches. If your photo is smaller just fill in the gaps with more paper strips. I want to slide some paper pieces underneath it so I've just added the doublesided tape in the middle of the photo to allow me to slide some of the paper strips underneath around the top and bottom and the edges. I've also added some of the stickers from the Sassafras sticker sheet to the photo corners.
Next I've added some more paper strips above the photo; they're slightly layered underneath it.

I've used a piece of the Sassafras paper with the lines on it to make a journalling block and added it alongside the photo sliding it underneath the edge a little.
Finally I've added a few embellishments.
Then the title to finish.
There we have it. A really quick and easy way to build up a page. On this page I've added them across the page but you could also add the strips to your page top to bottom. Also try using small strips in the middle of a page or to either side. Have a play around and see what you can come up with using strips of paper.
Have fun!
xx Leo

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