Collectors Tray - Part One


Today I've got stage one of the fun collectors tray project. I'm using the Hazelnut Coffee Quirky Kit for this along with a 7Gypsies Letterblock Tray.

To begin with I've measured each of the tray spaces and cut out patterned papers to fit the back of each square. Each piece of paper was cut to roughly the right size then I've pushed it in each space to make it wedge into the shape to fix it in place. Some of the larger spaces needed a little bit of doublesided tape to stick them in place.

Once you've done adding a piece of paper to each square you may have some off cuts left like these. From the larger of these scraps cut out some circle shapes. I've used a Nestabilities pinked circle die to cut out mine but you could just use scissors or use a punch, anything you have. Leave the smaller pieces of paper as rectangles.

That's it for today, here's what I have so far.

Check back later on next week for the next stage of the project.
x Leo


  1. It looks great and what do you know I have one of those trays lurking here at home umloved so far lol. Will be adding it to my projects to do.

  2. Looking good so far Leo. Cant wait to get some me time to join in

  3. I LOVE THIS and the colors you used soooo much!