Spooky Halloween brooch making with the Rocky Road Quirky Kit Lite

Leo here with a fun idea using this months Quirky Kit Lite. In the kit you have the fun calico fabric rosette embellishments. The fabric is designed to be altered so you can colour match it to your project using spray inks/paints etc. I've made a fun Halloween brooch mixing the rosette with the owl cupcake pick embellishment from the kit.

To begin with I snapped off the pick bit of the owl embellishment and sanded off the bit that was remaining to make it neat.

Next I've painted on some green ink around the frilly edged of the fabric rosette. This is just regular drawing ink I'm using. You could use paint or marker pens too. I want to make it spooky/vintage looking so I'm just using a dry brushing technique and applying the ink sparingly to keep some of the fabric showing through.

I've painted the centre of the rosette with a plum purple ink.

I also added some of the purple to the frilly bit in small patches. After the painting's done it needs to be left in a safe place to dry.

Next I want to make some ribbon tails for my brooch so I've trimmed down two pieces of ribbon and glued them on top of each other with the glue gun. This ribbon I had leftover from the 'Spring in Your Step' Quirky Kit.

To glue the tails to the brooch add the glue to the ribbon first.

Then press the rosette on top and glue the owl embellishment to the center.

Finally all that's left to do is add a brooch back. I used a wooden heart embellishment from my craft supplies and then glued the brooch back onto it. Apart from a brooch you could also glue the rosette to an alice band or a hair clip/bobble to make a fun hair accessory for Halloween.

Hope you're having a spookily good time with your kit!
xx Leo

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