Collectors Tray Part Three

Finally, here's the last part of the Collectors Tray project! My camera decided to pack up on me so I had to start the last part again but we've got there in the end.
So here's how we left the tray looking last time:
We've decorated each space with patterned paper and made a start filling the spaces with embellishments.
In the next step I want to add some photos but I want to add them in a non-permanent way so I can change them up every now and then, maybe depending on the season. I've picked out some autumnal photos for now and here's how I've added them.
To begin with I've measured the spaces and printed the photos at a size that will fit them. If you're using photos you have already you can cut them down instead. Next I've cut two pieces of patterned paper to a size ever so slightly larger than my photo.

Next I've cut one of the paper pieces into a frame cutting out the middle piece and distressing the edges. I've also glued the photo to the other patterned paper piece.

To finish this little framed photo I've glued the frame over the top of the photo.

Now the photo just needs to be added to the tray. To do this in a non-permanent way I've used some foam pads and fixed them to the bottom edge of one of the printers tray spaces.
Then all I need to do is prop the photo inside the space, the foam pads support it and the fit is nice and snug so it holds in place without gluing.

From there all that's left to do is fill the tray with your collected bits and pieces and some more photos. You could also leave some of the spaces blank to be able to fill with little bits and pieces you've collected through a particular month. As this is about memory keeping basically anything you want that holds a memory for you, you can collect together to fill the spaces.
Here's my finished Collectors Tray ready to go up on the wall:

I hope you've enjoyed all the collecting inspiration this month. Are you going to have a go at making some kind of collection based project or maybe you've already started? Check out the Pinterest board I've picked out with more collection based inspiration on it here,

Have fun!
xx Leo

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