A Quirky Year in Review

Well, we're well and truly into the new year now so before we look forward into what's in store for this year how about a quick look back to the kits of 2011.....

We kicked off last year with the bright colourful fun of 'Cute Things Make Me Smile'.....
The trends I highlighted in this kit are still going strong into this new year too, mixing the bright colours with the grey and the airmail stripes.

The spring had arrived with the next kit and so we had to 'Put a Spring in Your Step'. With this kit we had an exploration of textures and we looked at another trend that's never really gone away this year, woodgrain patterns.

We also had a Royal Wedding to attend to this time of the year so we had some cute little flags to wave too :)

Next to arrive was the summertime and this summer we had a party but no ordinary party a 'Downtown Tea Party'. The idea came from the juxtaposition of a floral fun tea party but with jeans and T-shirts so this kit had two sides to it.

This month the first Quirky Kit Lite also made an apperance, 'Glastonbury Fields'.

After the fun party it was time to chill so we spent the next couple of months lazing at the seaside and headed to 'The Milk Bar' for an ice cream float.

At the end of September the season changed again as we headed into autumn. It was time for comfort food and that came in the form of 'Hazelnut Coffee' and 'Rocky Road'.
 Part of the inspiration of this kit was also the idea of collecting and picking up on the botanical trend so we had pretty little glassine envelopes, notepaper and vintage stamps and motifs from nature like the birds, flowers, butterfies and more lovely woodgrain.

We've come full circle to the last of this years kits 'Snow Stories' and 'Snow Drifts'.

So what has been your favorite kit of 2011? More importantly have you got a few leftovers from this years kits? I've got a fun idea for a project to use up mine and I'll share it next week as I start another year long project for 2012, with a 'A Page for Every Month'.

SJ should be along shortly with some more ideas too so keep a look out for those. If you haven't already pop your email address in the 'follow the blog by email' button down the right hand side -----> it'll automatically email you new posts so you get all your inspiration and sneak peeks sent straight to you. Speaking of sneak peeks, look out for the peeks of the brand new January/February kits 'For the Love of Paper' and 'Paper Rainbows'.
Wishing you a very happy and Quirky new year!
xx Leonora


  1. My favourite kit so far has to be the vintage seaside one. I have used up quite a bit of it and the other bits I am saving for a couple of beachy themed projects but I havent quite got all the bits together yet. I have been saving up scraps of paper and embellishments for my Photo Fifty album for this year so lots of quirky bits will be popping up on that. In fact the cute felt camera is embellishing the introduction page :)

  2. My favourite was 'Put a Spring in Your Step'. It was the kit I was using in the run up to my son being born. I was tied to my scrap area by my huge tummy and was madly scrapping to get things done before he arrived!

    I used up most of that kit. :)

    Since then I've made an effort to make as many things as possible from my QKs, but it's getting harder each time as he gets more active.

    So glad to get them, though, they're so inspiring - even if I am just sitting stroking them! :)