Say Cheese!

Hi Leo here again :)
Wow, what a thought provoking post from Sian, lots of interesting points to ponder on. I personally don't want to contemplate a world without photography too long although I guess we'd still just be painting one another. Hey, that's made me think. With digital photography now do we just keep our 'best' photos? Or ones that are edited majorly? Do we photo edit our photo lives just as much as the old grand masters idealised portraits for their rich clients. :)  I think I'm about 50/50 I like to edit photos but then I also like 'in the moment' snapshots - most of the time they're defo the best ones and I kind of miss old film photos for this very reason. Anyway I'm getting off track - told you there was lots of pondering to do, great post Sian!

Here's what I've got for you today - I finished a layout using items from the Lite kit 'Say Cheese'.

I started by making a faux Polaroid style frame....

First I measured the photo and then placed it on a scrap of cardstock then marked an equal boarder of about 4mm around the top and sides. I made the base of the frame 2cm. You'd need to change the size of the boarder to what looks right for your particular photo size. Once the frame was drawn I cut it out and then placed the photo back on the piece to draw around. You'll need to make the inner frame slightly smaller than the size of your photo so use the drawn line as a guide and then draw the inside frame with a ruler a couple of mm smaller. Cut the inner frame out. Use another scrap of card the same size as the backing; mount your photo onto the backing piece then glue the frame over the top to finish.

To build the layout I began with the Echo Park solid colour cardstock from the kit. I cut two strips from the Echo Park 'Vintage Fans' paper, one 2 inches wide and the other 1 inch wide. The larger strip was glued along the top edge with a border sticker from the alpha sticker sheet underneath it. The smaller strip I glued along the bottom edge. I used one of the stickers from the alphabet sheet and fixed it on the layout about 4.5 inches from the top. I'll be using this as a guide to place the rest of the papers. I couldn't decide which paper to use so I cut out little random pieces from a few of them and cut out some of the tickets from the 'Tickets Please' Echo Park paper. I layered them together using the sticker as a guide across the layout. The Kesi'Art paper with the numbers on had a sprinkling of white ink across one corner printed on it so I decided to echo that and add a spray of white ink emanating from that paper. For the journalling I used a scrap of card cut into a label shape then stitched around the edge.

To fix the badge to the layout I've just used a foam pad pressed onto the back.

 That went alongside one of the camera embellishments from the kit and I also cut out some of the cameras from the Echo Park paper to add to the layout as embellishments.

Maybe you're looking at the kit like I did and can't decide what paper to cut into first - just cut into all of them - problem solved :-)

Have fun with your Quirky Kit Lite and don't forget to link up what you've made using yours.
x Leo

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