Taking Shape

Hello! It's Sian here with another couple of layouts I made using Leo's lovely kits.

I'm still thinking about quirky ways to use photos on pages and I've come up with this:

What do you reckon? Could it be time to bring back - cutting up photos? Let me show you the full page before you decide:

Everything in this layout from "Say Cheese"

This is a story about a visit my daughter made to a French Rugby Stadium. It was freezing and her camera battery died; but she enjoyed it enough to bring back her ticket. I wanted to use it on a layout and then I decided to include the photo in another way. I chose a black and white picture of some school friends playing rugby and used my Slice to cut out a title (cutting a pattern first so I could decide which part of my photo to use). Worth a try? I like the idea of using it with a page of memorabilia, programmes and tickets and then a big photo word. A rivhly coloured photo would look great with the monochrome papers in these kits.

Then I decided to go a step further and (are you ready?) I cut a photo into a shape:

This page documents a recipe exchange blog hop:

Both of those photos were in the original post (and the recipe is here if you are interested!)- I had no idea that a kit which would pull them both together colourwise was going to arrive on my doorstep a few weeks later. Every post was  to include a picture of the host opening the door, so I found a chipboard house to draw round to emphasize that idea. What I like about this one is the way it allowed me to include the important part of the photo without taking up space I really needed for journaling. Keeping it small, using a shape which relates to my theme and using it as part of a cluster (and not floating randomly across the page!) all help to keep it looking fresh. Go on..try it. You might love it..

This one uses a mix of both kits


  1. Great 'Cropping'...I used to do a lot of that but not so much recently! Maybe it is time for a cropping revival!!! :D

  2. Like Sandi....I haven't done this for awhile....maybe???

  3. I love the cooking page - the colors are great.

  4. They do say everything comes around again! Great LOs Sian
    Alison xx

  5. I'm not a great fan of cutting up photos, but I think that you've made it perfectly acceptable here because of the appropriate shape, which also does NOT hug the lines within the photo IYKWIM - and the kit does match the colours beautifully!

  6. I love the idea of making the photo a part of the cluster of embellishments, will have to try and remember that for a future page of mine.
    both pages are superb

  7. I love what you did with the title, and I would have no problem doing that with a photo because that's what's so great about digital photos and scanners :)

  8. Thank you for some brilliant inspiration! It helped me finally finish a layout!

  9. I've just seen the Paris LO on your blog Sian, and completely missed that you'd cut the letters out of the photo - and would never have known if you hadn't pointed it out!!!!!

  10. I never scrapped when the fashion was for cutting up photos into shapes but I have seen some of the layouts - and its something I wouldnt do but these are just fab Sian - I love them - especially the first one - something I might need to consider having a go at

    I just knew youd do something fab with the quirky kits - they are so you :)