Book binding with washi tape

Hi! Leo here again.

The current main kit has a roll of washi tape and I've been asked for some more washi tape ideas so I've put together a little washi tape book binding how to. I've taught this before lots of times with paper tapes and you can also use paper strips or regular tapes like masking tape. It's a really quick and satisfying way of putting together a mini and you can go back and add pages to it even when you've finished just by adding more pages to the back.

1. All you need to do is make up your pages first. I've made a small book here with 4x6 inch size pages. You could intersperse 4x6 photos as full pages with something this size too. I've cut out two thick sheets of card to make the front and back covers and then used kraft cardstock for the inner pages. I've also cut out some pieces of paper slightly smaller than 4x6 inches to decorate the cardstock pages.
2. I've covered the front and back cover pieces with patterned paper then matted the paper pieces to the pages.

3. Now to bind the pages together I've put the pages side by side with the edges I want to bind butted up together and secured the pages together with a strip of washi tape. Trim the tape edges and then continue with this process until all the pages are fixed together.
4. Close your book and cover the spine with more layers of washi tape to both strengthen and cover over the slightly sticky edge that the tape will leave. I've mixed up two different kinds of tape here.

5. Then just trim off the excess to make it nice and neat.

Here I've use lots of the little leftover bits and pieces I had from the kit to decorate the cover.

What other projects are you creating with your washi tape?
x Leo


  1. What a fabby idea Leo - Im never all that sure what to do with mine other than just sticking an odd strip on a layout

    Must have a wee go at a book like this

  2. oh wow i'd never have thought to do this. Fantastic idea.