First Peek at 'Footnote'

The upcoming May/June Lite kit is 'Footnote' and as promised in the last post here's a quick peek....

These are the brown and gold neutrals I picked out for this kit. Where the main kit has much brighter colours mixed with greys the Lite kit has a softer feel with browns and golds mixed in with the blues and yellows. I particularly like these alphas from Kesi'art which have kind of cardboard box print to them and the faux suede leaf trim that I can see being chopped apart to makes some quirky embellishment touches.
Look out for more sneak peeks popping up this week!
x Leo


  1. Oooh lovely and giving a different look indeed - me likey :)

  2. Oh this is a really pretty kit, just the colours I like . Glad I subscribed!
    Sue E

  3. This is like waiting for Christmas used to feel! I'm really glad I went for both kits...