A Footnote

Here is the first layout I have made with the Footnote kit - and it is the most paper heavy.

The observant might notice the slight cheat in that I did use some of the Thickers from the main kit. But I do like titles that use a mixture of letters and they fitted the spot so perfectly.
I started this layout as I often do by randomly chopping into some of the papers, punching edges and making small strips, then starting to layer them up. I don't stick anything down until I am reasonably happy with the placing. Sometimes I then make marks about where the papers should go. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I do and then find the whole thing has shifted and I have to move something else to hide the pencil marks that never seem to rub out as well as I would like. The papers were all outlined with a Sharpie pen before sticking down.

To do this I put my patterned paper on some scrap paper and run a thick Sharpie down the edge which leaves a clean black line. I have done this for a while now and am quite good with keeping my arm loose and the flow good so I can just about do a 12" side in two goes (as I need to move my scrap paper around. You do end up with lots of black lines on your scrap paper too). BUT every now and then my hand will skid and leave an unexpected line onto the patterned paper. Actually I got away with it on this layout but it is rare. That is when embellishments are your friend. I needed them to come into play for a different reason this time...

These layers grew and grew and so left me less space than I had planned for title and journalling. I decided to add journalling on a small piece of one of the papers and added the strip of blue first to tone it in with the rest of the layout. And then discovered I had a LOT more to say than the space that I had. So fished around for another of the glassine envelopes and once more utilised it as a pocket. To be honest, this envelope was a lot bigger so I trimmed it to fit, decided to emboss it with a Cuttlebug Swiss Dots folder and then swoosh a little brown distress ink over it. At some point it became extra delicate and tore. Which helped decide the placement of the buttons!

I wrote on two matching pieces of patterned paper, punched a circle out of one of the other papers and sandwhiched it between the journalling to form a double sided tag.

I then decided to use one of the other glassine envelopes to create more embellishments. I die cut several circles and embossed them with the Swiss Dots folder then added either blue or brown distress ink lightly over the top. I adhered them with Pritt Stick. NB they really are fragile so you have to be careful.

Here are two in close up. They are easier to see in real life but still have a subtle quality about them

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  1. Thanks again Lythan, it's really interesting to know how your design process works and this layout makes fabulous use of all those gorgeous papers