New 2013 Design Team & features!


This year from February they'll be a few additions to inspire your Quirky Kit crafting time. We've got a dedicated design team for 2013 making cards, layout and projects with Quirky Kits. They'll also be additional guest designers popping in from time to time too :) Our permanent design team for 2013 will be:

  :  Lythan  :  Nikki  :  Kathy  :  Kielly  :  Trish  :
So a big welcome and thank you to the girls for joining the team and bringing you awesome inspiration! :)

In addition to the dedicated design team I'm also going to be adding some new regular features on the Quirky Kits blog to keep inspiration coming for the two months each new kit is out. Look out for these new changes popping up at the beginning of February. New blog features are set to include:
Quirky Classroom (Online classes working with Quirky Kits)
Scribbles (Sketches to work from)
Trends & Techniques (Techniques to try)
Cardmaking Corner (making cards using Quirky Kit on their own and with Crafty Templates)
Pinterest Pointers (inspiration pointers spotted via Pinterest to inspire)

These will pop up on the blog through each month with at least one new feature every week. I'll be adding linking buttons for each feature to the blog side bar so you can access them easily or don't forget you can still add your email address at the side to get each new blog post emailed to you automatically when they're added so you can keep up with new content.

x Leo


  1. All sounds fab, really looking forward to seeing all this

  2. All very exciting - I'll be watching this space!