Pinterest Pointers (February 2013)

New kits are arriving this week and so it's time to get looking for cool inspiration. I've been browsing Pinterest and online galleries to pick out some inspirational pins for us this week to help kick start your creativity.

All the images are clickable so you can trace them back to the source image and carry on looking for more inspiration too :) I'll start with this one:

I've been thinking of making a chalkboard as a background for a scrapbook page and I will be doing a chalkboard background tutorial for a Trends and Techniques post later on next week using the black cardstock in the kit. I've been using chalkboard backgrounds on cards and for greetings and I know it'll make a fun interesting background for a layout too. With the fabrics and different envelopes and paper embellishy bits in the main kit one idea could be to layer them up together like this in this layout.
my style

I've been looking for different ways to add titles to pages and came across this pin:

This next pin made me think of the fun colours in the Lite kit:

Here's another page idea using envelopes:

This really caught my eye I love the segments and the idea of putting something in each one. It'd be nice to maybe add interactive sections like maybe little pockets too to a layout like this?

I like the idea of making little cut out windows as segments on a layout too like this one:

What have you found on Pinterest that's inspiring you this week? x Leo


  1. Wow! those are really inspiring - I've joined Pinterest but haven't really made time to get my head around it yet - looks like it would be well worth squeezing another hour out of the day for! :o)

  2. great pins Leo, and the one with the colour splats on it has given me inspirtion for my new team cj based on colours so thank you for that