Dancing in the Rain

Crafty Templates are not just for cards, you know ;) 

Over the years I've been working with Leo's templates I've often found they offer the perfect embellishment for other projects.  This happened again recently when I made a mini book featuring some favourite quotations - how timely that the recent set of Templates had this one in amongst them!

Here's the page I decorated with the Umbrella ad Wellies template from the last Crafty Template collection.
Those little wellies and umbrella shapes made the perfect decorative elements for the quotation!
This book is a sort of Concertina book with "windows" it looks complicated but really isn't.  The book itself is quick and easy to make and gives lads of scope for the fun bit - the embellishing!
I hope you like it and will feel inspired to see what other projects you can use you Crafty Templates on. 
Happy Crafting

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