I've got another card to share with you.  I've used the Hummingbird template from the latest set of Crafty Templates for this one - as soon as I saw it I knew it would make a beautiful silhouette placed on a sunset background.

I cut the bird and flower once, then cut smaller versions of the flower to add a little more
 depth to the picture.
When I placed the birds on a single layer of background it seemed to lack some ooomph, so I got busy with the inks again and made another piece to mat it onto.  The black and white layers
 really add to the definition, I think.

The first step to making both of the inky background pieces was to squirt some of the gorgeous  Kesi-art colour mist you'll find in main kit 'Candy Floss Cart'.  I used a damp baby wipe to swish it around on both pieces of car.  As you can see, you can control the depth of colour quite nicely. 

Clicking HERE will take you to a fab post Leo made recently on how to the best from this product :)

The reds. yellows and oranges of the background are made using Distress Inks and foam applicators,  or a baby wipe and just adding the colours from light to dark and giving them a good swish around.  The difficult bit is waiting for them to dry!

After layering up the inky, white and black card I added the hummingbird and flowers, then delved into my kit to see what else I could add ;)

I used:
From Crafty Templates; Hummingbird and Flower
From the Quirky Kit;  Kesi-art colour mist, Feather stickers (matted first onto card and cut out), Tiny Star sequins, Round Sequins*
From my stash; Black card, White card, Clear Dewdrops, Distress Inks

* I glued a couple of clear dewdrop "stones" on top of the coloured sequins as an experiment, I'm really happy at how it worked and the way the colour of the sequins shows through the clear plastic

 This is such a lovely template - probably my favourite from this set, but there's another bird template too and I can't make up my mind whether to use that or the gorgeous bows one for my next project :)
Anyway, that's all for now -I  hope you like this card and that you're having fun with all your Crafty Quirky Goodies this month

Thanks for looking

Happy Crafting!

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