The rest of the paper

As I said on my last post, I wanted to use the other side of that lovely spotted paper so I carefully cut out an 8" square from the back which I knew would be covered by cardstock and so was able to use it on this one. The green was just a fabulous match for the green of the grass
I had begun to arrange the papers on the layout but it just didn't seem right. Then I thought "I wonder if some gesso would help?" So I sploshed a thin layer on the papers and somehow it gave a lighter tone and the unity that I had been looking for.  A strip of the ribbon and some of the vellum paper added to the airy feel.

Then it was a case of chopping and layering until I was reasonably happy. You may notice that the spotty side of the paper features as well. Lets just say that the cutting out of the middle was not as straight as it could have been... but it did lead to these little strips. I saw that idea on a scrap video and I have searched for that and can't find it so you'll have to take my word for it... and thanks mystery inspirer!

I added a few drops of mist and some washi tapes (including one from last months kit) that suited the colours of the layout perfectly. And aren't those feathers just so cute?
I wanted two different fonts and found these letter stickers from a past Quirky kit - Footnote. And as I didn't want a repeat of last time I tried to get the see through stickers straight I decided to go for the deliberately wonky effect!

As per usual I ended up with a few spots and dots - the sequins from the kit and the larger dots are made using Beads in a Bottle left to dry on acetate overnight

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