Just keep going

I always try to be brutally honest with my creating process on this blog as I always hope that if I make mistakes and show them up, then you can avoid them! But this one was big and I was very, VERY tempted to chuck this layout away and start again.
Only I didn't have any more of the paper that I had reserved for this photo and so I gritted my teeth and kept going.
And the result? Not the best layout ever but it has some things I like about it and is another memory put down on paper.
It isn't helped by the fact that the paper has warped slightly! Or that the photo was taken on an overcast day.
Enough excuses!
Anyway I laid my papers out on an off centred grid. I knew i wanted to echo the colours in the photo but the other way up. When the first two papers were down I decided to add some colour with a mask and the mist. I of course am a little cack handed with mist and misted where I did not want mist to be (I always forget this and don't cover said areas up). I added a few more dots of mist.

Then I got ambitious and whipped out the texture paste. Florence is full of old plasterwork so why not add that idea to the page. I think the problem came with 1: the mask having a lot of small dots and 2: me not finding the plastic card thingy I should have used with the texture paste and using my finger to spread it around instead. Which meant it was not even and some paste got under the mask.
You can't take it off again! I decided to do what I could to save it by putting the title on top of the worst bit and also adding some glitter paste onto the textured stuff. I also added the glitter liberally to other parts of the layout to help it to "reflect".

Just about saved then.
"What this layout needs is a little more definition with a Sharpie pen" I said to myself
Well, mostly it went ok. I am a dab hand at drawing long lines with a marker. But every now and then, as I know, a hand will wobble and a line will go where it should not.
At least once.
To cover my black marker wobbles I used a row of sequins all along the border strip.
Now that bit I like!
(There isn't anything I can do with the extra bit of black line at the top of thepage,  so we are going to pretend it isn't there, OK?)

to be honest I am thinking of giving up on trying to be arty on pages as it so often seems to go wrong! but I am still glad I perseveredwtih the page.
I'd love to see how you move out of your comfort zone with your Quirky kits!

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