Documenting December Christmas Album - Getting started & kit ideas


Leo here again. Are you putting together a December mini album this years? If you've not already read about it from the store pages this year I'll be using a the Quirky Christmas kit to put together an album and featuring some step by step ideas here on the Quirky Kits Blog. If you're following along now is the time to start planning your album. Kits are still on pre-order as I'm waiting on a last box of goodies to arrive from the US but they should be ready to come out to you by this time next week. In the mean time we need to start planning for the basics of the album. I've also put together some ideas for you to put together your own kit using papers and embellishments from the last 3 lots of Quirky Kits. I've noticed a few subscribers mentioning they haven't dug into kits yet so maybe this is a good excuse to get the kits out and see what you can come up with.

I'll start with the Quirky Christmas kits. If you're getting one of these kits there's plenty in there to put together your whole album but you can always add in some more little extra touches if you wanted to. Here you can see the colours in the kit. I've kept the colours very simple on purpose so it's very easy to colour match to and will work with any photo you end up adding to your finished album. If you want to go through your supplies to put together extras pick out basics like cream, kraft, black, white red and green. You could also look for metallic items in gold, silver.

If you're not getting a Christmas kit and want to make use of the supplies in your Quirky Kits here I've pulled together a kit idea using items from the last three Quirky main and Lite kits.
I started off with the papers and cardstock sticking with the colour story of green, red, grey, cream and black and white with a little kraft and woodgrain as they go with everything.

Next to give the basic kit a festive feel I've added in a few Christmas papers from my stash. These are nearly all October Afternoon papers from their last couple of Christmas lines. The paper type isn't really important just go with what you've got. You can see I've stuck to the same idea pulling out the same colour tones as the papers from the Quirky Kits and adding in a bit of woodgrain paper as a basic. As a final touch I've pulled out a glitter alphabet to mix in with the others to give it a more festive feel. Instantly it goes from an everyday kit to a Christmas kit just adding in a literal handful of Christmas paper leftovers.
You may want to pick out a different colour theme altogether for your kit but sticking to the same basic idea you can pull yourself together a great one off kit using items from your stash very easily.
OK back to the basics of the first stage of putting together the mini album. The only thing to do for now if you're working with your own kit or waiting on the Christmas kit is to make a few base pages. Here are the base pages I've cut out ready for my mini album. I'll be using the Christmas kit so I've only picked out three cardstock sheets to make extra base pages as there are lots of items in the kit we'll be using as base pages too. I've picked out a sheet of white, kraft and cream cardstock all from the last couple of Quirky kits. Here's how I've cut them into pages. Each of these is in inches:

So I've ended up with four pages and two extra strips to embellish with from each piece of cardstock.
If you're getting one of the clipboard mini albums with your kit you don't need to do anything else in preparation. If you're making your own album or using an album you've bought remember to cut your base pages to the sizes that fit. If you haven't an idea for how you want your finished album size to be I'd go with bookrings and put together your album when you've completed all the base pages, that way you don't have to conform to a size for the cover until you're happy with the base pages then make it just slightly larger than the largest base page. Don't worry about it too much as I'll include a lots of ideas as we go along over the next 3 weeks building up the album.
That's all for now. I'll be back for the next step when the Christmas kits have gone out, hopefully by this time next week.
x Leo

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