Showing my age

Those of you who are not as decrepit as me may not get the joke in the title of this page
When I was a teenager there was a shop called CandA and the models would always be posed very unrealistically. Same with the Littlewoods catalogue. We would find it hilarious to pose like one of these models. Hilarious.
Ah, youth.

But in the aid of my sense of humour my hubby and oldest son were willing to play along for the camera when we went to the Eden Project. And lo, a page was born.
I basically grabbed all the kits and went through looking for things to add that would make a bright, colourful layout and help to tell the story of the day. so there are lots of papers, some of which are now so layered over you can hardly see them; there are lots of cardstock stickers (like those fab banners);
there is a little bit of ribbon because it echoed Phil's shirt so well
and there is one chipboard button. There should be two. there was another smaller green button in the set and I put it down in order to add the black twine to it and when I reached for it again it had gone. Still not found it. You will have to imagine that it is just below the word "enjoy" where it was nestled perfectly. And hopefully will be one day again. (I have tidied my desk and everything but it still hasn't turned up)
I added some of those lush Prima hearts as well
I get such a buzz that I can create such very different layouts using the same papers and embellishments from Leo's kits. She is so good at pulling things together for us to enjoy!

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