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In the Quirky Embellishments kit 'Sampler' I included a whole bunch of goodies for creating cross stitch embellishments. It's a big trend right now and you can see it reflected in current scrapbooking collections including many of the papers in the current kits.
I added lots of pins to the current kit Pinterest board of idea to have a play around with to incorporate some cross stitch into projects and here are some of the things I've had a go at making.

Keepsake Cards

These were very simple to make. I've used papers from the main kits and embellishments from the main, Lite and Embellishments kits. I used the patterns I found on Pinterest here to make the cross stitch embellishments. To add them to the cards I've cut them out then glued them onto a piece of patterned paper to give them strength. To make the shaped cut I've used a Nestabilities scallop circle die to cut out the fabric and the paper backing.

Embellishments like these you can make for cards like these or make them into little pictures for gifts or use them on scrapbook pages. There's so many possibilities and you can create your own custom designs to match any theme you're scrapbooking.

Onto a scrapbooking idea next and I decided to have a go at making a cross stitch Project Life style card. I started by creating a pattern. I searched online for some cross stitch pattern paper to download, (I used this one) then printed off a sheet and worked out a pattern. I used this image on Pinterest as a starting point and worked out a pattern to fit on a 3x4 inch style card.

 I did use a hoop to stretch out the fabric but you don't necessarily need one it just makes it a bit easier to see the holes. I don't know if it makes it easier for everyone but I found it a lot easier to make the stitches one cross first until I had the pattern worked out then I cross with the second stitch over the top to create the cross stitches.

I was following the pattern I made but I kind of liked him like this so I decided to finish it off here.

To make it into a card I used a blank Project Life 3x4 grid card and glued the cross stitch to it so the image was nice and central then cut it out around the edge.
To add a little extra finishing touch I added a little bit of stitching around the edge.

Have a go at creating your own custom cross stitch embellishments. It's a great way to include an extra special unique finishing touch.

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