What to do about love

That wonderful Amy Tan paper that came in the Stitch in Time kit proved to be a bit of a puzzler for me. How do I use it - and then store it away with all my work still visible. well, this is my solution
I grabbed a set of American Crafts alphabet stamps called Roxie. I outlined the letters in pencil on some of the blue paper from the kit so that I could see what needed to be covered. Then I stamped away, trying not to re-ink in between every stamping to give more of a layered look.

When I first finished this and stuck the paper behind the letters I had left them flapping open. It looked way cool. But I then realised that when I put the page in an album you wouldn't see all my stamping. So with a trembling hand I took the decision to cut off the letters and stick them back on using foam dots, so that the stamped piece behind is still visible
(I turned the E up a little so you can see more of the effect as it was to start with)

Satisfied with that I turned my attention to the rest of the layout. I used the stamp set again (and again and again as I moved everything else around and then needed to add more stamping). Then I layered strips of papers from the kit that toned with the colours in the photos.

I love the wooden tags and decided to use one as a subtitle. You would not believe how many times those stickers spelling Carys came on and off to try and get the placing right alongside the ampersand and the "me" already there. But I was content in the end
A few of those lovely wooden hearts as final touches and I was done

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  1. Love this Lythan!! Fab stamping and great use if the A Tan PP!