New Kits and Sewing Tips!


Well it's that time again, new kits are arriving now with subscribers. I don't have many spare ones to go around but you can grab what's left over while it's in stock from here in the shop.
The new May June kits are, 'It's my Party':

The Lite kit is 'Shiny Happy People':

The Embellishment kit is 'You've Got the Love':

All the kits have been put together to both combine some current trends and to provide a fun palette for the summer. All the kits have little bright colour pops, lots of neutral bases, (black and white) and metallic gold touches. All of which reflect current trends in paper crafts and fashion.

As always I try to add in something to the kits to give you something to to play around with too and this time for the main kit I picked out some gold embroidery thread.

I have used this before and you can create some fun effects with it. If you have a sewing machine you can use it in your machine but there is a knack to using it with cardstock so I just wanted to pop down my tips for using it.

The main tip is to use a regular thread on your underneath bobbin as it helps to weigh down the lighter metallic thread. I keep a basic white on mine and more times than not it's going onto white cardstock and so using white means it's less visible against the gold. Use a middle tension setting on your machine,(mine was set to 5) you might need to experiment a bit first til it starts to stitch right. It does have a lovely effect though even just using a regular straight stitched line so it's worth that initial bit of work to get it going.

I've been filling up the May/June ideas Pinterest Board with lots of ideas for making pockets too so that was the first thing I've experimented with using the gold thread with the vellum to make a pocket filled with sequins from the embellishment kit:

Then I've used some of the  Lite kit stickers  and one of the cards cut from the Teresa Collins patterned paper to make it into a card:

Have fun with the new kits!
I'll be back over the coming weeks with lots more ideas using the kits.
x Leo

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