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I don't really think my layouts through that much before I begin but it was just as well I had so much space on the left hand side for writing as it turned out that the story was rather long...
My jumping off point was a free Silhouette cut offered by the uber talented Lilith Eeckels - you can find her blog post here. So I cut the blue cardstock, liking the way that it meant I could use even more patterned papers on one layout! I used papers from both kits and embellishments from all the kits - but also my actual ticket for the ferry I went on to Shetland. I am rubbish at keeping real ephemera but I really ought to try and do it more often as it adds a unique dimension to pages. (And I am not bothered about the archival quality of my work. I know my family is not sentimental and many scrapbooks will be jettisoned upon my demise!)

I clustered together some of the papers with the photo, adding a peg, a clip and a cute seashell (the symbol of pilgrims, which is what I was on this journey)
The compass was a tongue in cheek addition as the page is all about being lost
I also couldn't resist the "hello sailor"
which I was able to slot in with one of the papers behind the cut out section.
Then I wrote the story which turned out to be much longer than I had expected. Just made it before running out of space!

I added a sprinkling of sequins top and bottom for a bit of fun. I'm still not sure whether the sequins on the right hand side should have been closer to the bottom red diamond. But I am not moving them now.

The photo isn't of the story. That is because I was too busy running round Aberdeen with 2 bags and a roll along suitcase trying to find my way into the ferry terminal. But it was taken just as we were leaving Aberdeen with me safely on board and I thought the tale of people being "helpful" was much more fun to tell than just "here is me on the boat".

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