A bit personal

Sometimes in order to scrap the whole of your life you have to get a bit personal. Well you don't have to but I would hate anyone in the family to feel that I had left something important out. But it doesn't mean that you have to let the whole world know the entire story either. There are two easy options to consider- to write what you want to say on the back of the layout or to do some hidden journalling. That is what I decided to do in this case.

Its not the best photo in the world as it is snatched from Facebook but it does make me smile.
This layout features the Main Dear Diary kit and the Good Times Embellishment kit (now sold out so if you like it, and don't have it then be sure to join the subscribers list here for the next one)
I thought that using a lot of the calendar type papers would be just the thing to talk about something life changing. But when I initially began putting the papers together it all looked a bit plain. And I do like a sparkle. So firstly I adhered the bottom few sheets to the blue cardstock and sprinkled a few different blue and turquoise glimmer mists over the place. "Not enough" I said to myself and so I dug out a Theresa Collins heart mask and some turquoise Imagination Crafts Sparkle Medium Paste.

I then grabbed a few of the papers and gave them a black pen outline, adding in a hand cut big heart shape. The layers were carefully stuck down so that I could add my hidden journalling and also raise up the photo on foam pads.
It doesn't look like you can take the journalling tag out - but you can!
I added in badges, rub ons and the little acetate shapes which I adhered with  tiny glue dots.

The title took a bit of work but I like it. Once more I have adapted the letters from the main kit. There was a panic when I couldn't find one of the "N"s that I had carefully saved for this layout but it turned up (under the desk!) just as I was experiemnting with other letters I could use!
I pushed each letter into versamark and then embossed with either green or Kingfisher blue UTEE. These two powders have slightly different textures. I did triple embossing (which means that you repeat the versamark and embossing powder stage three times in all) but made sure on the second and third layers not to coat the whole of each letter with powder. Fiddly but fun!
I love the size and font of these letters. One day I might use them in their usual hue!

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