Gift it up


Just a quick share for you with an idea for gift wrapping. I was looking around for something to wrap my fathers day prezzie with this morning and the first thing I grabbed was the new washi tape from the May/June lite kit but then when I was scouting around for what paper to use I just thought, why not just use other things I've got in my kit? I picked out the 'Stay Awesome' paper to use and set my gift out on it to measure it and then trimmed a little off the edge so it wrapped up nice and neatly, (you don't want too much bulk on the ends so it folds up easily). The edge I cut off had the cut off strip on it with the alternative pattern so it was a no brainer again to use that for the gift tag so I ended up only using one sheet of paper for the whole thing. A few of the alpha stickers for the tag and then a quick wrap around of twine to fix the tag in place and all done!
Now I just need to whip up a card as quick!

Hope you're having fun with the new kits!
x Leo

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